Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Chatting with the stranger via omegle


Today, i wanna share something..for me, this is one of new method in order to introduce Islam to the world..Thank you to my bestfriend, Nursarahayati who introduced me this kind of website..

So nice..after many times trying to find someone available who can chat with me, finally, i found her..

Now, let's follow the conversation...


You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Official messages from Omegle will not be sent with the label 'Stranger:'. Strangers claiming to represent Omegle are lying.

You: khaifahaluki?

Stranger: hey girl hey

You: ya\

You: i'm from malaysia

Stranger: niice

Stranger: very niiice

You: you?

Stranger: goddamn stupid mother fucking US

You: huhu

You: why US like to be named as above?

Stranger: because its full of shit here

You: oo

You: r u muslim?

Stranger: no. are you?

You: ya

Stranger: i don't know much about it. can you tell me a little please?

Stranger: i would like to learmn

You: yes

You: what is ISLAM

You: it is the way of life

You: i like ISLAm because becuse of that,,i manage to live in the happy life

You: I have the power to breath

You: By the teaching of al-Quran

You: so fantastic

You: Through Islam, we manage to answer all question in this world

You: In terms of economic

You: national development

You: our life

You: our future

You: what is ur relegion

You: religion

You: ?

Stranger: i don't have a religion. is that okay?

You: okay

You: are u seeking one?

Stranger: no

You: oo

You: why not?

Stranger: what do you think of people who are non-religious?

You: erm

You: wait a minute

You: i'm not being prejudis

You: may be they have their own reason why they don't belief in certain religion

You: what about you?

Stranger: well idk. i didn't grow up in a religious family so i guess that is why but i haven't taken the time to explore a lot of different religions but i feel as if a lot of them are outdated in their beliefs or they discriminate against people for no apparent reason

You: oic..

You: what our opinion about Islam

Stranger: well i can't say because i don't really know a lot about it

You: ok

You: how did u study the other religion

You: through book or through person

You: or by surfing through internet..

Stranger: a combination of all 3 i would say.

You: in my suggestion..if you want to know certain religion..see someone who is really understand and practice the that, u may get the clear idea about the religion

Stranger: do you think that religion should govern how someone lives their life?

You: erm

Stranger: let me reword it

You: of course...becoz religion is our guidance

You: and how to live our lifes

Stranger: so i know that for christians in the bible it says things about how slavery is okay. however today, most people would argue that slaverly is not okay. however they still believe that whatever the bible says is true. however this contradicts itself. do you understand?

You: k..get it

You: i'm not sure about christianity and their concept of slavery..however, in Islam, we have our own concept of salvery which that we are only a servant to the God..not to other

You: means everything that we do is only for our God

Stranger: well i mean like the bad type of slavery that used to happen in america, like whites owned blacks as slaves

You: ooo k

You: that they don't practice that anymore right?

Stranger: no, but i'm sure in other countries things like that still happen

You: erm

You: it's complicated

You: actually

Stranger: yea. this is something we discussed in a philosophy class i took. many christians in particular here use the bible to defend everything they do, even though it is clear that not everything in the bible is true. and also, that everything that is good, is not in the bible

You: i don't reallt know..but personally, i wolud agree with u

You: are u taking philosophy?

Stranger: sorry i know it's confusing

Stranger: yes i am

You: so i guest u have a lots of religion through philosophy

You: u have study a lots of religion

You: through philosophy

Stranger: well not in this course specifically, but i plan on taking more philososphy classes and possibly one that specifies in religion. but i like discussing philososphy in general too.

You: that's goog

You: good

You: fantastic

You: do you have facebook

Stranger: i havent been on in a long time lol. whats your fb thoough. i will add you

You: same here

You: lol

You: but i think u're an interesting person

You: so, may be we can discuss this more through fb

Stranger: yea that would be cool

You: can i ask u something

Stranger: yes

You: asl?

You: never mind

You: its ok if u dont want to tell me

Stranger: srry 18 f us. you?

You: 22 f malaysia


You: this is my email

Stranger: ok ill add you it may not be til later but i will. i really liked talking with you though :)

You: :)

(honestly speaking : I really2 hope that once, she could find the best religion in this world, which is ISLAM..i think, she is so open minded and so honest in order to know and find the real religion to be practiced..Please, pray for her..)


Anonymous said...

insya Allah.. amin :)

Anonymous said...

So Munirah, what is the website?? please share so that other persons can do sermon tru it :)

my said...

erm..thanks for reminding


Also gentle reminder from me
-in this website, u'll find many kinds of people. So, better we choose suitable person to talk to..
-Sometimes,there are peoples who asked u to talk about 'unethical topic' i advice u to directly disconnect and search for other stranger to talk to..
-all da best in helping peoples outside to know Islam and let pray to Allah to accept this small effort from us in enjoining good and preventing evil..Allahuakbar..

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